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Often referred to as "Midland's Leave It To Beaver neighborhood," Polo Park Homeowners Association, Inc. was established in April of 1982 for the purpose of creating and maintaining a living space that people would be proud to call "home" for generations to come.


The homes in the Association are composed primarily of brick, giving the feel of safety and permanency. The generously sized lots throughout the subdivision feature beautiful mature trees providing ample amounts of shade and greenery. For those looking for walkability, the neighborhood is one of the few in Midland that features full sidewalks throughout, making strolling with kids and loved ones a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Our location gives us quick and easy access to all the best shopping, restaurants, and entertainment Midland has to offer. Work-life balance is easier to keep with brief commutes to Midland College (5min), the downtown (12 min), Midland Memorial Hospital (11 min), the west side of Midland (7-10 min), and even Odessa (25 min to UTPB).


If you live in Polo Park, you are part of a community that cares about quality, comfort, and security.

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We are friends. We are neighbors.

Each of us has different interests and backgrounds but our common ties are the streets and sidewalks that connect us, the green spaces we play in, and the care we put into maintaining our homes and yards.

The HOA was created by residents to help maintain the beauty, safety, and well-being of homes and common areas throughout our neighborhood community for the benefit of all residents.

While we all strive to live in harmony with each other, occasionally questions or concerns may arise. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to look for mutually agreeable opportunities to discuss any issues with the appropriate party(ies) to work things out prior to contacting a board member of the HOA or escalating to the appropriate authorities. Some questions or concerns may be addressed by referring to the Polo Park HOA covenants which can be found HERE. Others may be better resolved by contacting City of Midland Code Compliance (432-685-7386) or local law enforcement.

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