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Pool use is limited to dues paying HOA members. Non-resident guests are to be accompanied by HOA members at all times.


No lifeguards or supervision are provided. Children must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians at all times. Please read and observe all safety instructions and pool rules prior to use. Alcohol and tobacco use in the pool area is not allowed, including e-cigarettes, and will result in the removal of those partaking.

The pool is open from 10:00am - 10:00pm from early May through late September annually contingent on the weather.

Polo Park HOA Pool Rules.JPEG


The clubhouse and pool patio are available for rental year-round for meetings, trainings, celebrations, and community events. Amenities include a kitchenette and limited numbers of tables and chairs. Clubhouse rental requires a $250 deposit. Rates are $150 for 4 hours and $250 for over 4 hours. Patio rental requires a deposit of $50 and rental rate of $75 per event.

For more information or to schedule a rental, please text Emma at 432-847-6355.


Tennis courts are available year-round and may be accessed using the security key scan card issued to each home owner at any time.


Our HOA is home to three community green spaces. Two of these are unimproved while the other, located on the southeast side of the intersection of Southampton and Newcastle, features a children's playground, swing sets, park bench, a covered picnic area with table, and a custom-sized junior basketball court (with full-size backboard and hoop). Use of these areas is free for residents. For group and special events however, please notify an HOA board member at least one week prior to use.


The residents of Polo Park take great pride in the beauty, care, and aesthetics of their homes and common areas. Before beginning any significant exterior work, addition to your house, landscaping, or fencing, be sure to consult the HOA Covenants. Approval from the HOA Board Architectural Committee may be required before your embark on your project (prior even to requesting a building permit from the City).  Contact Kevin Goodrum at 432-556-8763


HOA dues payments are required to be submitted quarterly (unless you opt to pre-pay every six months or in-full for the year). Delinquency in payment could result in revocation of privileges of use of the pool, tennis court, and clubhouse until paid. Payments over 6 months past due accrue a late charge of $15 per quarter. Balances over 18 months past due will result in a lien being placed by the HOA against the home of the resident until the balance is brought current.


Dues may be paid by check and can be mailed to: 1800 Castleford Rd., Midland, TX 79705. Alternatively, they may deposited by hand in the black drop box at the front of the HOA clubhouse.


Each home owner is issued one electronic security key scan card at or around the time they buy their home in Polo Park (with a $25 deposit). This key is required for access to the pool area or tennis courts. If you have not received your key or it is malfunctioning, please email for replacement. In the case of a malfunctioning key, the non-working key must be returned in exchange for a new one. If you have misplaced your key, you may purchase a new one for $25. Requests for new or replacement keys must be made before Friday of each week and may require up to one week before being made available for you to pick up.


Sidewalks, alleyways, curbs/gutters, city streets, belong under the jurisdiction of the City of Midland. Overgrown lawns/alleyways, untrimmed trees/bushes/shrubs that impose on sidewalks/right of ways, trash piles or discarded furniture/appliances sitting in yards/driveways/alleyways, improperly parked boats/RV's/commercial vehicles/trailers, unwanted/nuisance yard signs, etc., are all items that fall under the authority of one of the departments of the City. Please contact Code Enforcement at 432.685.7386 or email for resolution of these issues. You may remain anonymous if you prefer. For detailed information, please visit the Code Compliance site.


Some of the most common complaints are best handled by contacting Code Enforcement. These often pertain to areas  surrounding homes of residents. A brief summary per City Code for guidance on just a few of those items:

  • Lawn height must be below 18".

  • Trees must be trimmed to no less than 7' above sidewalks and 14' above city streets, alleys, and all right of ways.

  • Bushes, trees, pottery, etc. may not obstruct city sidewalks in any way.

  • Residents are responsible for cleaning and removal of all weeds, litter, etc. from the border of their property line to the center of an alleyway.

  • Non-passenger vehicles and trailers must be parked in a garage or in a driveway at the rear of the home.

  • RV's may be parked for no longer than 72 hours in front of homes and may never be parked in front yards or sidewalks.

  • Large commercial trucks and trailers are prohibited from parking in all residential areas, including alleyways, at all times except in the case of loading/unloading.

  • Sales and marketing signs (home, garage, party, roofing, lawncare, etc.) may not be placed in City right of ways. Commercial business related signs are only allowed to be displayed while business is being conducted on premise of the residence. As a general rule, signs may only be placed in your own front yard - please ask permission if you would like to place your sign in another resident's yard before placement and remember to remove it after your event.

Issues such as HOA residents or guests driving at excessive speeds through the neighborhood, ongoing loud noises (vehicles, dogs, music, construction, parties, etc.) between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am, suspected child or spousal abuse, suspected drug dealing/use, vandalism, threats by other residents or guests against you/your family/your property, etc., should be reported to the Midland Police Department (non-emergency, 432.685.7108; emergency, 911).

The HOA is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Clubhouse, tennis courts, green spaces, and the common areas owned by the HOA (these include the stone masonry work at the entrances of Polo Park). Attention to these areas is largely what annual dues from residents go toward. Additionally, new fencing and add-on's or exterior alterations to homes also fall under the authority of the HOA and must be approved beforehand.  If you have a concern regarding these areas, please bring it to the attention of a member of the HOA board. Please keep in mind when making an inquiry, board members are volunteers - unpaid residents of Polo Park who, like you, care about keeping our home and neighborhood a pleasant and beautiful place for us all to live.

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